Monday, June 13, 2011

UK Vacation Part 2 (Ireland)


Finally I feels and blowing the Ireland wind! Well.. my friend, he used to stay at Dublin for a few years. When he come back here I was so impressed with his story-mory about Ireland especially their great scenaries.

There are a few challenge before we were decided to go to Ireland. Thanks to my dad who are really have an efforts and patience in realizing my dreams!

We were depart from home in Bedford around 4am , because the journey will take about 5hours like that. But however, there are several thing that I need to be consider:

We depart from UK in Saturday, cant stay there for a night (although I was hardly look for a guesthouse there) because my mom really want to catch her car boot sales on Sunday.

We arrived in Holyhead Ferry Terminal on Saturday 11.30am, so we need to take a ferry on 12am. The return ferry will be on 8pm and arrive to Holyhead at 12midnight!

To be fair in satisfying me and my mom desire, my dad decided to go to Dublin tour from 2pm (ferry depart at 12am and reach at 2pm) till 8pm. So when ferry arrive Holyhead at 12midnight, arrive Bedford at 6am and go to car boot sales at 9am in the morning!

As ussual, enjoice these pictures yeah!

My parents, was at 5am at that time, waiting for Dr Rasol to come and drive us to Holyhead Ferry Terminal which is located 5 hours drive to Bedford.

Tired of driving, Dr Rasol stop at RnR and I took that chance to take pictures with this friendly woman. She is the sales assistant at the WHSmith shop.

My dad in front of WHSmith shop. At the back is the variation of the souveniers in celebrating the Royal Wedding.

This is Wales, very quite and wet. It like a small town with traditional english culture. However, they are using the different British accent.

Two ferry operator to go to Dublin. I was using the blue one because of the cheaper tix and flexible time.

In the ferry. A lot of facilities and entertainment in the ferry.

My dad with my sister. We got a seat with table-cafe-alike.

In bus, went to town because we need to take a tour bus in the main bus terminal in Dublin city center.

My dad concentrating enjoying the Dublin's city scenary

In front of ferry

At the terminal cafe

A lot of people at Dublin's city. They are going for shopping and dont be suprised if I tell you that Dublin has a lot of bar and it is one of their attraction.

Casle-alike building. It is office inside the building.

The arch of man riding the bike

Casle-alike building again

Hahahaha.. they will shout if they meet a bus wearing the Viking hat like them

You see, the traffic light not only having the walker sign, but also the bycycle rider too.

Repeated pic, sorry guys!

Inside the ferry, It is realling Wow-ing us ..

For me, Ireland is a good and nice place with a lot of nature scenary. Because of having a very limited time, I just touring around Dublin. According to friend as well, if you want to observe the greater nature scenary, you should go to the rural area of Ireland because they are still maintaing their traditional houses and routine.

To be continued..

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