Wednesday, June 15, 2011

UK Vacation Last Part

Before we start our Challenging Journey

Ermm.. took very long time to finish my story about vacation to UK yeah. Honestly, I feel a bit dispointed for not stay longer so I can observe and travel to many more countries. Be there for 10 days is absolutely not enough! But for the first time , I was really satisfy and hopefully could have a chance to go there again and travel to a few more countries. This is last part. So my last few days in UK has been used to cover the London city. Not overall! Because of the lack of time. But however, I am lucky coz I could enter the Madam Tusaud Wax museum. Being inside it, owhh.. really have a lot of tourist like 'owh, he is Bieber, he is Bloom, he is Pattinson. I want to take picture here, there. With her, with him..'

It was like a very impressive for seeing all those celebrity made by wax.

Ok, dont have a lot more to be talked here. Just enjoice these pics yeah!

My parents, they were very tired! Walking around Harrod's and just buy a few things. HuHuhu.. Its not cheap, you know..

The lovely late diana.

The gentleman of ShahRukh Khan

Unforgettable BeattlesWill you believe if I tell you and she need to have a long q before she could take the picture with him? Ohh.. I cant imagine if this actor really appear in real!To take picture with this small boy , my sister also need to qInfront of Madam Tausaud.

Waiting for our flight at night 29th April 2011.

Well.. after we went to Mdm Tusaud we went to Buckingham Palace which I have put the entry in this UK Part 1. Ticket to enter Madam Tusaud was GBP25 equal to RM125!

Luckily, all we could see there were so entertaining and marvellous..

Last but not least:

Our inflight meal. It is the International meal, I was book it earlier. I could say that AirAsia absolutely have the best Chicken Lasagna! Because of the undenying delicious-ness, I forgot to take the pic. but this is the Chicken BBQ, someting like that. Nice and I could give 7/10.

However, because of we were having a flight with AirAsia, I have a few comments and recomendation.

The good things are:

1. Flight attendents were good and helpful
2. Meals served on time

3. Touch down smoothly. Since I have travelling a few places before, there was the best touch down.

The things need to re-consider again before take AirAsia are:

1. Buggage limitation is not best

2. Small seat, uncomfortable

3. They using the tangga, which I hate the most

Fair right, 3 vs 3..

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