Thursday, February 24, 2011

My New Perfume

Lets talk about perfume that we use.. Everyone must have their kind of favourite perfume and I am sure that you all do have your own favourite designer, DKNY, PRADA, CHANNEL..etc.

But for me, to investing a 'huge' amount of money is a bit difficult. Especially to choose what is the right perfume for me.

So far, I never buy a repeated brand that I used to. But however, my wants to change the brand has made me tried a few kind of these thing.

The best was Ralph Lauren Blue Torquise that has been presented from parents for me. So far, I couldnt see this kind been sold in here.

So I would like to show to you my new perfume. Fancy by Jessicca Simpson. This perfume considering the smells of strong wood and like a herbs a bit.

Price is RM169.90 bought from Shopping Heaven Dot Net.

Still in boxUnboxed
(Sorry for my messy table)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Unquestionable Favourite!

This is my absolute favourite.
Like like it and Owh, CANT BE TOLD BY WORDS how delicious it is
Very highly temptating and I love it so much.
This is called Walnut Carrot Cake.
Jemput makan..
Bought it from Secret Recipe yesterday. RM 5.30