Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday Bash!

It was a long time right I didnt share any with you guys. Not so many things acctually. My brithday was at 6th May (oh well.. do I need to mention it intentionally?). I got a few celebrations, with a few cake's flavor and size variation.

Thanks for all of you, my family relative and friends.

Enjoice pics.

This cake was dedicated by my piers at office. Coincidenly, have a few staff whose have a same week of birthday, so they bought a cake fto be shared.

This cake was a suprised cake! My friends Watie and Imma didnt mention to me that they would celebrate it with a cake! It was a brownies acctually. Delicious!This delicious carrot cake bough from Secret Recipe is absolutely my favourite. Has been bought by my friends Shahir dan Huda. Was celebrate it at Bowling Cafe Alamanda Putrajaya.

Cake from my family. Celebrated together with my dad'd birthday which has come a day before mine.

Hopefully all of my wish will come true..

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