Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sharing is Caring

Saje je nak share my weekend routine.

Last Friday I went for my swimming class. Alhamdulillah, everything was good, the most difficult thing was to be confident and set in mind that I can do it.

Actually, in last Friday I got to know that one of my friend he was got remarried last year. Oh well.. this is a good news right, so why should I feel dim, sad and regret? Yes, I should and suppose to happy for him.. In fact, I still feel that kind of feeling lately.

One of his text to me:
You never met me so how can you tell me yang saya ni baik ke jahat..

So I replied:
I never met you because you were never give me chance to do so!

and it all finish.

He is a good guy. The thing I hate most when it happened a few years ago, he left me without any reason. Very sudden and I feels so guilty for years , because of not knowing the reasons why.

So lastly (that I hope it was the last time I contact him) on Friday, I got the reasons why he left me:
1. I am old
2. I was in pressure and stress
3. I was having a lot problem.

I will not blaming you. It was my fault, lean my high hope on you.

I would wish you to have a great life and happy for you


I know that I am just



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