Thursday, July 28, 2011

Congratulations Harimau Malaya!

Good morning everyone, I am sure last night of most us must watched the match between Malaysia and Singapore that held in Bukit Jalil.

Even when I drove in this morning, tune of the local radio was about the disqualification of Malaysian Football team for the World Cup 2014 that will be in Brazil.

Last night the match showed that Harimau Malaya cant run with the equal goals to beat Singaporean Football Team. They won with the total goals of 6-4.

But however, I am so proud of their game. Showed a lot of improvement, and it will be a new rising of the spendid of the Malaysian Football Team.

Singaporean, they played with only 5 local Singaporean and the rest was imported player. Compared to Malaysia, they plays with all Malaysian without any single imported player!

Harimau Malaya, Malaysian will always be with you. Rise and together we are in ensuring the future's success.

This is Friday. Enjoy your the quality time in the weekend with families, yeah!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thanksful God, I am Happy With My Own Life Now.

I just realized that there are reasons to be happy and no reasons to be sad. Happy is just a feeling and it will come automatically to us, and we have no choice not to be happy. Hapiness is absolutely come from the kind hearted and of course we have to be honest if we are happy no pretending at all.

Aware that life goes on make me more focus to my work and career. Now I know that I have a very supportive family. Sad? it is only yes when I am alone and feels so lonely.

But I am so thankful, I am absolutely already recovered from the sadness. I just cant blame myself because I had give my best. Gods knows the very best for me. I believe all things happened to myself have their own 'Hikmah '.

I just wishing that one day I could find my Mr. Right. He musnt be someone who are rich, handsome and very perfect. For me, it is enough if he is kind, and can guide me to be the very partner of him's.

That is what I had citated in my pray. I just couldnt deny that it should be my secret between me and God but trust me, citating to God in every pray will give a very peaceful feeling into our soul.

I believe, God must be knew the best things for me and all those past stories made me stronger and matured in make a decision for my own life.

Be happy readers and thanks for spending time read my blog.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Letting the Blogging Mood Coming

I just want to know in how to welcoming tthe ideas of blogging because I acctually will chek my blog everyday and have a loads of things to be shared, BUT i am so lazy to typing.

Silly reason, right?

Well.. I am a bit busy with my work, need to make a preparation of my bengkel next week. So I am rarely at office. I love my work and I dont have any problems with my colleuges they are seems so understanding and supportive, and the thing that I like most is they are absolutely welcoming a new ideas and by that way I could have a lots of opinion and etc etc..

I am ok right now. Being left by my ex is absolutely painfull. Now I know how pain it was. But I am ok, yes I am ok. When the new gf of him asked me either I am his wife or fiancee, I just speechless and I honestly dont have an answer for that.

So I need to focus of my own self my career and my future too. Thanks for my friends and mom whose have giving me a lot of advices and the thing to be remembered when I am being close with a guy.

Honestly, I am so loyal and I dont know that my loyalty will kill me. But now I know.

Yes, I still having a feeling to my Mr. Sunshine. He doesnt know about this and I think better not to make him know. Maybe he knew and dont want to show it to me, who is know right?

I will always keep this feeling and hoping it will gone slowly with the wind..

To all of you, take care and keep on smiling. Thanks for reads my blog. I know and I still looking for improvement in dedicating a very good articles for you.