Monday, June 13, 2011

UK Vacation Part 1

Hi there,

Actually I was travelling to UK from 19th April till 29th April. Spring season gave us a very great scenary.

I dont want to elaborate and bla bla bla.. Coz for sure you are so excited to see those pictures:) But the most great thing was - I was there when Will marries Kate. Sadly, I couldnt go there because of our flight will be on that night (Risky, babe!)

Enjoice yeah!

When we were at Ferry Terminal to go to Dublin.

Walse, the weather there almost humid and rain-alike everyday. I guess the temperature was around 9celcius at that time at 11am.

At Bedford garden. There were a group of students practising kayak when I was visiting that garden. The man at my back is their coach.

They are my parents pictured at the Kings College, UK. Buildings looks so unique and traditional like you are in the Harry Porters shooting venue.Most of all pictures, it is my favourite. Yes, my parents picture. Maybe both of them are smiling naturally so I like it very much.

This is our apartment. Thank you to Dr Rasul from Jom Gi London. Renting rate is so affordable.

This is the where Late Diana always steps at. It has been placed in front of Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace

At Stenstead Airport. Just arrived to UK. In front of Buckingham Palace. At this time, a few street has been closed due to the preparation of the Royal Wedding.

There, a media has been occupying their tents and trying their best shoots.

This is the Riply's Believe It or Not Museum
He is my father. It was at the Car Boot Sales on Sunday. We need to pay GBP0.40 perhead. According to my friends, the rate is different. If you are enter in the early morning, the rate is GBP 1 because there a lot of a good things at that time. If you are enter when it almost closed, it free, no charge.

To be continued..

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