Sunday, August 14, 2011

My New Digital Scale

Hi, happy Monday everyone..

I am ok here, today is our 15th day of Ramadhan, I am sure everyone must be waiting for the joy of hari raya.

Yesterday I bought a digital scale from Guardian. It was sold at the price of RM38.90 only with PWP of RM40 and above.

An unboxed digital scale. I told you that it come in the small size.

So I took one Revlon Blusher and automatically I am could get RM38.90.

It come with the small size of scale, just like a size of ipad! But at the first sight I am truly disbelieve that it could hold till the max of 150kgs!

So if you want to catch up this promo, should go to the nearest guardian's stores before it finish the promo.

p/s: the real price of the scale is RM69.90, so get items at the price of min RM40 and grab the scale for you.

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