Monday, August 1, 2011

Official Trip to Sibu, Sarawak.

Last week at the date of 20th till 23rd July I was in Sibu for the bengkel. This is the cooperation between the Sarawak's branch.

Two of us reach Sibu at the evening 20th July at 5.55pm and it is already dark! Weather was good and peaceful.

Our program started at 21st July and at that night we were at Sibu's town hotel. The Cenury Inn located just a few meters from Sibu Night Market. At that night too, I was going around to pasar malam Sibu to get a few things that I want to be brought for friends and families.

This is how the inside rumah panjang is looks like.

Outside of rumah panjang (long house). Long house is the traditional house in Sabah and Sarawak. It consisting a few family live together. The head of rumah panjang called 'tuai rumah'.

Scenary out of rumah panjang.

I aet a lot of this kuih when I stayed there. It called penyeram. Sweet, a bit oily and cruchy outside and soft inside.

The process of making the penyeram. Small pan to make it rounded nicely

and then transfered to the larger pan to be fried perfectly.

Outside of long house.

Sunrise in the morning, outside of rumah panjang.

Our special gravy for dinner. Called ayam pangsuh. Chicken cooked inside bamboo and it was grilled untill cook. It just need a salt and a pinch of MSG only.

I love this one. Steamed green leaves call pucuk ubi mixed together with green chilies and shallot.

The chicken curry. They are so good in cooking the curry. It was cooked together with dried thin soy bean and potatoes.

I am lucky because I had chance to taste the black rice. It is healthty rice, but in the market the price is extreamly expensive. RM17 per kilo.

They are concerntrating doing the bengkel.

The residences in rumah panjang.

Inside rumah panjang.

Scenary outside.Last day at rumah panjang. Our bengkel finished at 6pm so we directly go to the Sibu hotel because our flight was on the next day.
This is the best hotel I ever stayed! This is TanahMas Hotel Sibu, strategically located in the heart of Sibu's town. My room is exactly in front the pool! I love it very much, not only the room in front the pool but the rooms also absolutely complete and comfortable with the very affordable rate RM139.20 without breakfast.

Our last day at Sibu, we were reach early at Sibu Airport. Not yet having a lunch so we were decided to eat at their airport. My friend a bit shocked when she saw that her nasi lemak in green colour. She said the taste is marvelous. Cost RM3.50 per plate.

This is mine, I aet Sarawak Laksa. This is my first time I tried this. Delicious too. Cost RM5.00 per bowl.

This is Sibu Airport. Small and convenient too. A few food stall available and there are souvenirs shops inside it.

So I would take this chance to dedicate my appreciation to :

  • Rumah Panjang Jangit Ak Lanting especially for their tuai rumah, Encik Joanes Ak Jangit and Encik Richard. Thanks for the memorable experience and perfect treat for us.

  • Pejabat Daerah Selangau , for Mr. D.O Encik Wan Akil for for the helps as inter-person for the bengkel.

  • Sarawak branch, for Encik Franky, Encik Wito and Encik Nasir.

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