Sunday, August 14, 2011

Homemade Pizza

I am truly excited about making a pizza for our iftar. Yes, if I could count every cents, the homemade pizza is much more expensive than that one sold in the pizzas outlets.

So why should I make it and somehow or rather I could get from outlets?

1. I could control the fats inside pizza by put a healthy ingredients inside of it.

2. I know what should I put on the top of it.

3. The taste of my pizza is not like very 'heaven' like one that sold in the outlets, so I could eat less.

4. Because I am so miss in make my own.

I had 3 pizzas made by me last Saturday. I realized that my family only need one pizza only because we had bought a lots of kueh. So other one I gave to my neighbour and one more has been baked for Sunday's iftar.

I went to Mines yesterday so I asked the favour of my sis to bake the pizza. When I saw it I am so shocked why my pizza is burned?

Ermm.. what to do because everyone is fasting so they are a bit careless and forgot that they are baking something inside of the oven.

p/s : All slices of pizza made by me are finish during the iftar without complaints from anyone.

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