Monday, July 11, 2011

Letting the Blogging Mood Coming

I just want to know in how to welcoming tthe ideas of blogging because I acctually will chek my blog everyday and have a loads of things to be shared, BUT i am so lazy to typing.

Silly reason, right?

Well.. I am a bit busy with my work, need to make a preparation of my bengkel next week. So I am rarely at office. I love my work and I dont have any problems with my colleuges they are seems so understanding and supportive, and the thing that I like most is they are absolutely welcoming a new ideas and by that way I could have a lots of opinion and etc etc..

I am ok right now. Being left by my ex is absolutely painfull. Now I know how pain it was. But I am ok, yes I am ok. When the new gf of him asked me either I am his wife or fiancee, I just speechless and I honestly dont have an answer for that.

So I need to focus of my own self my career and my future too. Thanks for my friends and mom whose have giving me a lot of advices and the thing to be remembered when I am being close with a guy.

Honestly, I am so loyal and I dont know that my loyalty will kill me. But now I know.

Yes, I still having a feeling to my Mr. Sunshine. He doesnt know about this and I think better not to make him know. Maybe he knew and dont want to show it to me, who is know right?

I will always keep this feeling and hoping it will gone slowly with the wind..

To all of you, take care and keep on smiling. Thanks for reads my blog. I know and I still looking for improvement in dedicating a very good articles for you.

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