Thursday, July 28, 2011

Congratulations Harimau Malaya!

Good morning everyone, I am sure last night of most us must watched the match between Malaysia and Singapore that held in Bukit Jalil.

Even when I drove in this morning, tune of the local radio was about the disqualification of Malaysian Football team for the World Cup 2014 that will be in Brazil.

Last night the match showed that Harimau Malaya cant run with the equal goals to beat Singaporean Football Team. They won with the total goals of 6-4.

But however, I am so proud of their game. Showed a lot of improvement, and it will be a new rising of the spendid of the Malaysian Football Team.

Singaporean, they played with only 5 local Singaporean and the rest was imported player. Compared to Malaysia, they plays with all Malaysian without any single imported player!

Harimau Malaya, Malaysian will always be with you. Rise and together we are in ensuring the future's success.

This is Friday. Enjoy your the quality time in the weekend with families, yeah!

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