Monday, October 4, 2010

Suka memasak?

Anda suka memasak?
Gambar-gambar di bawah ni sejujurnya masakan yang pernah saya buat.. Need a lot of improvement , still!
Tot sometimes that i need to attend a cooking class. but is for? not to open a business, not to taking orders, but more to satisfying my self:)
And one more.. please dont ever ask me a recipe, coz for sure i didnt keep it anymore and i couldnt remember what ive put in it:)

Ini chcolate chip cookies.ada badam, ada chips, ada cornflakes... sampai la ni raya ke-26, masih x habis2.. agak2 x sedap ke apa yang saya wat ni???
Ini chcolate muffin with chips.. sedap sgt!

This cake made by me a few months ago.. baru sekrng nak upload:) Tested ok, looks temptating:)

This one made by me after i made a copy of how to make a cheese tart. the filling was good, but i think i need improvement in making tart's shells.
Sorry , pic quality is not good. was captured by phone cam.

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