Thursday, February 24, 2011

My New Perfume

Lets talk about perfume that we use.. Everyone must have their kind of favourite perfume and I am sure that you all do have your own favourite designer, DKNY, PRADA, CHANNEL..etc.

But for me, to investing a 'huge' amount of money is a bit difficult. Especially to choose what is the right perfume for me.

So far, I never buy a repeated brand that I used to. But however, my wants to change the brand has made me tried a few kind of these thing.

The best was Ralph Lauren Blue Torquise that has been presented from parents for me. So far, I couldnt see this kind been sold in here.

So I would like to show to you my new perfume. Fancy by Jessicca Simpson. This perfume considering the smells of strong wood and like a herbs a bit.

Price is RM169.90 bought from Shopping Heaven Dot Net.

Still in boxUnboxed
(Sorry for my messy table)

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