Thursday, January 20, 2011

Plain Water Vs. Sweet Drink

Hi , good morning. Happy Thaipussam:)
This entry today is mostly about my own article about plain water vs. cordial drink, carbonated drink and all drinks that contains sugar. Ah, so many choices yeah compare to the plain water.
Plain water is still a plain water, no taste, no color and it is just so tempting when you drink it at the time you are very thirsty, budget saving and have no choice.
Well, compare to the another way of plain water the drink would be tempting at anytime. even at day and night. in thirsty (would take more than 1 glass), in full or anytime! it has a variety of colors and tastes.
Some people have no problem to drink these sweet drink but whats to be worried about that it just contains a lot of sugar. Everyone should drink about 8 glasses of plain water everyday, and it is very untastefull. but how it is say that everyone must drink about 8 glasses per day this sweet drink? Owh, I bet that it wont be a problem and some of us (include me) can take more than 8!
Here, is what I do to avoid the sweet drink:

1. Order the plain water when you eat in restaurant
Please order the plain water and dont see the drinks menu.. see the drink menu will make you to change your mind.

2. Standby the plain water with you
Go shopping? Get one bottle of plain water. It is not too expensive. When you thirsty, you will drink it and wont see another sweet water which is sold in many ways. The plain water inside your bag is heavy? It will make you drink it.

3. Think about the high sugar contains in every glass
Wow, if the sugar contains could be seens from the glass, I bet everyone must think twice to drink it. Restaurant's sweet drinks is so tastefull, right? It is because they put the right amount of sugar just because to get you to order for the second glass

4. Tea?Coffee?
Owh, thank you, give me plain water please.

So hopefully these tips can help you. Reducing the sugar intake is also can reduce you from the health risk problem. So friends, it is not late to start your new year resolution. Drink more plain water, please..
Wanie Aziz
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